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83 articles avec climate change

Climate change in Britain

Coastline faces a new enemy - climate change By Steve Connor, Science Editor Climate change has replaced pollution and overfishing as the biggest threat to the coasts of Britain, a study by the government's Environment Agency has found. Higher temperatures...

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Global warming in Europe

Water vapor feedback is rapidly warming Europe WASHINGTON -- A new report indicates that the vast majority of the rapid temperature increase recently observed in Europe is likely due to an unexpected greenhouse gas: water vapor . Elevated surface temperatures...

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Artic thaw & global warming

Many scientists see no escape for dramatic Arctic thaw By Andrew C. Revkin New York Times In 1969, Roy Koerner, a Canadian government glaciologist, was one of four men (and 36 dogs) who completed the first surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean, from Alaska...

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Adaptation to global warming

ADAPTATION is the key to combating GW MANILA, (AFP) - After decoding the rice genome, keeping one of the world's most important cereals productive despite chronic droughts is now a key focus of global research, the International Rice Research Institute...

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