The potential depletion of fossil fuels

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 Will fossil fuels ever run out ?




Hello, everybody,


Today, I choose to focus on a tricky issue : the potential declining of fossil-fuel ressources since the world oil markets have risen the price of gas and petrol very lately.


I think that world oil supplies may deplete for the years to come if the demand exceeds the offer from the Middle East countries, Russia and South America.

Plus, oil is used in many industries, from factories of pesticides to plastic essential to the package of consumer goods. In fact, for many areas, leading industrial countries are depending on oil, not only for transportation but also for agriculture and medicine for example.


The problem is that fossil fuels are not renewable. New oil resources are scarce and oil companies have to cough up a lot of money to explore new wells. Moreover, globally speaking, experts have little information about reserves.


So, if higher energy costs and scarcity of resources may occur in the future, we have to consider again our growth models based to the increase of the GDP. Now, we have to take into account some new notions such as sustainable growth.


Indeed, there is a growing concern about the environmental impact of hydrocarbons with the rise of CO2 emissions so that the most industrialised countries are more prone to use alternative energy sources, but there's a long way to go.


In an next article, I will try to stress the importance of nuclear power as a source of energy.


See you later,





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