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Wind farms: For and against



A new wind farm is planned in . Local girls Angelica and Sarah have very different views on it.


Angelica tells us why she thinks it's a good idea, and Sarah lets us know why she's very much against it.





"It's important to have clean power sources like wind farms to stop pollution.


This wind farm will be safer than something like a nuclear power station, and doesn't put out lots of harmful gasses.


They're not that nice to look at, but it's much better to have them than to ruin the whole environment with holes in the ozone layer and global warming.


They don't cause much damage, and they're not very noisy, so we should use them as much as possible.


Having a mixture of different power sources is the best way forward, and will help us all in the future."


Angelica, 10,





"People think wind farms are clean and safe, but they're not.


Lots of rare birds get hurt or killed in the blades of the wind mills.


They're trying to stop pollution, but they don't think of the consequences.


Digging up the peat to make this farm will release loads of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which will add to the greenhouse effect.


I'm not totally against the farms, but they don't belong in the countryside, where they cause lots of damage.


The best form of power is hydro-power. It runs on waves and the tide - which are always there.


Once these farms are made, there's no going back - they'll always be there!"


Sarah, 11, Cumbria


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