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Animal rights group in new campaign


An animal rights group has launched a new campaign aimed at firms which trade with a pharmaceutical testing company.


Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) has published the names of 50 firms which, it says, trade with the company Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).


The names of the companies are listed on the SHAC website and campaigners are urging the public to contact staff at firms which deal with HLS.


The list includes a fuel company, a bakery, plant hire firms and a roofing firm.


"The companies listed here all deal with HLS on a regular basis," the SHAC website claims. "Details of many of these companies have been leaked to the campaign by sympathisers disgusted with HLS.


"Please call, write to and telephone them to make them aware of just who they are dealing with. Remember many staff are sympathetic and may be the ones who told us of their company's involvement in the first place! Keep your communications polite and informative - taking action is what counts."


It adds: "Get active for the animals trapped inside HLS - they are counting on you."

HLS was formed in the 1950s. It has headquarters near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, a laboratory in Eye, Suffolk, and a site in Princeton, New Jersey.


It has been a target for campaigners for more than 15 years because they object to its use of animals in experiments. In 1997, a television documentary, which used hidden cameras, showed animals suffering in laboratories.


Protesters have staged demonstrations at the company's laboratories and staff have been targets for personal attack and intimidation.


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